insane inside 2
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2003-03-27 23:29:59 (UTC)

my totaly boring day

today was a late start so it was sweet cuz i had time to
talk to paul b4 i went to skool n i did my hair supper cute
n shit i dont know y cuz paul was saspended today so it was
really boring cuz i didnt have no one to love..the day went
by really fast,n i got like best complement today..i was
told i was a go first i didnt get what the hell
he ment but i relized he ment i see what i want n i go get
it...n he said i was gunna go places in my life and i think
i am cuz my 5 year goal is to become a great dancer get a
scollership to collage for dance..then finish collage then
try to get in a dance ways back to my present iv been taking aderall up the ass and iv been
noticing good and bad i already have a bad
attude but when im on adderall i have the shortest temper
ever....and the ppl that i try to put up with make me
explode!!!!and im really emotional it wont take much to
make me not hungry when im on it so i havent eatin
in a few days n im still not hungry& another thing is that
i cant sleep on it i can stay up all night bn still not be
tired till the next night..and some good things are that a
get a sweet roll all day!!and it helps me concintrate on my
work..when im on it im really determinded to do the best i
can...and i have alot of self confadence!!!!the only thing
im afraid of is getting adicted to it becuz its highly

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