Broken Sky 2- The Diary of Mark
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2003-03-27 21:42:15 (UTC)

Ummm, Yeah

Well today went well. Starting with the time i got up til
now. Didnt fight with anyone today. Algebra class is
goin good. And english, well lets say im NEVER making it
into Honors. Anyway, daves having troubles again. Brian
and Chris have started to mess with his g/f again. I try
to watch what brain does for dave in french, but they sit
so far away that even if i do see them, i dont have much
say so. and brian is 500 lbs. I think that dave is doing
the right thing by letting it go. Just he shouldnt get
that mad over it. Thats whats driving brian and chris to
do this stuff. I mean brian has a g/f, why cant he have
HER sit on his lap, why cant he have HER "put her tiny
fingers around his pen and stroke it while making sound
effects". I mean this is just the way brian is, but why
around Colleen? O well, anyways me and megan got yelled
at for talking in french class, i got a little worried
because 2 min.s before that she sent dave(not colleens
b/f) out of the room for talking,he walked around the
halls. Lunch went well, though brittany is mad at me cuz i
wont be her slave and do EVERYTHING for her. O well, i
benifit from this she dosnt! Everyones tired of her.

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