Book of the Purple Faerie
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2003-03-27 21:07:42 (UTC)

Whoa, updatage...

Sittin' around listening to H-chan practice for the talent show.
She's going to sing a song from Jekyll and Hyde, whose name escapes
me... (something about Nobody Knowing Me) I'm amazed that I've
retained most of the lyrics to "Evil and Good" (too bad I sing like
shit). I haven't listened to Rent in forever! I ought to! Rent is

School sucks as always, so I'm just pushing everything back and
procrastinating like MAD. Rediscovered my passion for RPing though...
I think I'm driving Heather nuts. ^_^ Just goes to show what goes
around comes around! I need to create a few characters to interact
with Shannon's though... our chibi's seem to be in a slump.

Suikoden 2 is good, but riddled with many mistranslations...
*giggles* Teacher Flik, Teacher Flik! ^_^ BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! (Nina, you

Ok, that's about it! Ta!


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