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2003-03-27 20:46:19 (UTC)

My Rant (on the current events at school)

(this is about the thespian's thing if anyone didn't know)
ok let me start by saying that this isn't meant to offend
anyone, I have no hard feelings personally about anyone
involved (not that my opinion matters much). I also want to
ask that no one leave me messages or talk to me about this
because it's just my opnion, not the start of an argument.
I'm writing this so that I don't have to keep having the
same conversation with people because it just goes around
in circles. *sigh* ok here goes:
First of all I think it was a mistake and should not have
happened in the first place. The "victim(s)" had a right to
not like it (I find it hard to be an actor and not have a
sense of humor that can handle something as harmless as
that but what can you do), I'm not mad that people felt
uncomfortable about it, they can feel whatever they want.
The fact that they made it into a bigger deal than it
really needed to be was a annoying for lack of
a better word. I can hardly see how something like that can
affect someone so much that they are moved to tears and
their whole family gets involved in the matter but thats
just me. I admit our um, "thespian leaders" (A.K.A.
seniors) didn't handle the matter well either. Ignoring
it/being pissed about it was no way to deal with it. Maybe
it was an 'immature' matter but sometimes you have to just
let your pride go and apologize before the matter gets
blown out of proportion. But all this being said; we are
students (maybe crystal parents and teachers forget this at
times but its true, we're still young), we are naive and
moody and we make mistakes (im saying that about both 'sides' of
students). I think that the Juniors groveling (sp?) was annnoying
because it was 'giving in' and all that good stuff but what else are
we going to do? carrying it on does nothing and with any luck mrs.
wrubel will be back to directing next year and everyone will have
forgotten it. we may have to follow a few rules but oh well. if we
have to follow ALL of them, there's no use doing it anyways. And no
offense to anyone (expecially maggie and cindy because i do love
them) if maggie and cindy direct next year, I'm not doing the
musical, along with a few other. Not that I matter much but i didn't
like the way that they ran the rehearsals, i didn't like the way we
were treated and i didn't like the way that we basically put on the
show. As dancers and dance teachers, the two are wonderful but when
it comes to shows, im afraid they just can't handle it all.
I am sorry if I offended anyone its not a personal attack on anyone
I do love you all and i hope that this all blows over so the
hostility can die soon! as i said before, please dont talk to me
about this ok? thanks!

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