random scribbles
2003-03-27 20:29:15 (UTC)

for as much as i love autumn...

Lol, in that case, meet at our spot at 6pm. We should get
the sunset then........I'll bring the cookies if you bring
the cake. You do still remember what I'm talking about,
right? "Milk.....milk....I NEED RAISINS!" This is too

(Weird in a Jay way, not in a Danny way.)

Got that? Take care till then. Much and much more love,


"Don't quote poetry at me, young man!" Love ya ^_^

ohh, tomorrow should be fun. i'm actually looking forward
to school. last night i dreamt that lucy came up to me and
demanded money for the ticket to spain. and i just started
yelling "fuck off, just fuck off" and burst into tears and
she was so taken aback and everyone thought she was evil.

dad is being super nice to me at the moment. he has
realised that i'm just a little depressed right now. he
told me i should see the doctor about my sleeping problem,
but there's no way. i like to sleep. at least i don't have
insomnia or something! however i gotta start going to
school now. he came in this morning going "em... you
can't just stop going to school... you do have lessons you
know" but i just mumbled that i had to sleep more and he
left me alone. my dad does officially rule.


enough of this.

tomorrow, i will be happy.
i will stop listening to angry music and i will listen to
weezer instead.
i will appreciate the warm weather instead of feeling
grumpy about it.
i will compliment all of my friends. (the real ones, not
the traitors, that is)
i will make jacob smile.
i will try not to get mad at nudge about the whole
interview guilt trip thing.
aaaahh... tomorrow WILL be a good day. and i get to see
dawson go evil! yay!