Rem's Poetry Corner
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2003-03-27 19:34:31 (UTC)

to the BUM

I look up when you walk by
You nod as if that's saying hi
You never even look at me
Is this how it's got to be?
I'll respond to how you act
And treat you with respect and tact
But tell me what is going on--
You act almost as though I'm gone.
So look me in the eye right now
And tell me you don't care somehow
Tell me that you never cared
And I will stay out of your hair.
But we both know the way we felt
When we danced I felt your heart melt
There was really something there
And how you're acting isn't fair
You frustrate me and make me mad,
Rationalizing what we had
If your denial has you fooled
And by this logic you are ruled
Please, then, teach me how it's done
Cause loving you is just no fun
I'd like to tell me that I'm through
Wishing I could be with you
I try to speak but words won't come
But I can type them--YOU'RE A BUM.

~Remma Sekah