~ Ophelia ~
2003-03-27 17:01:22 (UTC)

:x: Long time one speakage :x:

I have noticed that I have not written in a
looooooooong time. Which isn't good seeing as a lot of
things have been happening to me. Like most of my friends
got busted by the cops at about the same time. Not good!
Nikki is still gone. I met a new person recently. His name
is Wade... He is a great guy. He likes things I like and
has been a good friend. Except the one time we made out
like 20 minutes after I got off the phone with Jorge.
After the fact I felt totally bad about the whole thing.
Jorge called me recently and his new friends that he found
in Indiana were nice to me... A little too nice to me. It
makes me wounder if Jorge thinx about me or if he even
loves me like he tells me he does. The only thing that
keeps me going is the fact that I am the only girl that
could ever get Jorge to commit to one person.

Right now I am on Spring Break and it has been going
ok. Tuesday one of my friends got busted climbing out of
my window... The funny thing was, was that I wasn't even
there I was spending the night at a friends house. I
thought it was funny as hell though. I havrn't seen my
friend since then, but I know he will be back sometime. I
want to know why he was here. He is a great friend
though. And I haven't been to the "white house" in so long
I hope everyone is doing good there. It is sooooooo hard
for me to keep track of all of my friends. Oh Yeah!
Krista recently went to West Memphis to see "Him" She said
is was great which I know it was because he seems like a
really awesome guy. The only thing is that he wears more
makeup then her.

Oh yeah! I have also been working on Prom. I think
it will be amazing, but that is just my opinion. Well my
mom should be getting home soon and I don't want her to
know this exsists. She is a very noisey, ugly, hateful
bitch. HATE YOU MOM!!!!!!! And once again I have to
represent my people 430 Shorty Folk and Highway 7 Crip.
Much love to all the crips out there. Hoped you enjoyed my
entry. Hope Beau reads this.