Dr Cats

today is the greatest day
2003-03-27 12:39:20 (UTC)

Edward Britton

Today and tonight I am reading this book "Edward Britton"
for Uni. Phil (newer-Phil that is) had already started
reading it and he had told me how much he is hating it, but
actually I don't really mind it, and to tell the truth I'm
flying through it. I'm gonna stay up tonight and finish it.
I'm half way through at the moment, and I wanna know what's
gonna happen next. I do see what Phil meant by saying that
it was a children's book though. It's sposed to be a kids
book, but it's really inappropriate for kids. It's got
graphic sex and loads of violence and language, and just
things that kids shouldn't read for entertainment. Hmm,
actually if I was a ten year-old I would hate this book and
just laugh at the sex references. I gotta do 2 assignments
for next week, so I better buckle down and finish them
tommorrow, (I promise myself I will!) I've been reading
these cartoons called "Achewood" they're so damn cool, at
first they're boring and wierd but once you understand the
characters it's just very very cool. hmm there are some
very cool characters indeed.. my favs are Ray the cat,
Phillippe the otter and Lyle the (ummm i think he's a...)
badger. ooooooh plus Roast Beef the cat is also another
hillarious character. I am listening to Bjork - Enjoy. good
ol' bjork, she'll never let ya down. Well she hasn't done
so far.. well anyways I gotta go dry the dishes for my
Dad.. so cya tommorrow I spose. Bubye!