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2003-03-27 12:26:53 (UTC) last, at last

Free at last! No...oh well. Yeah. I'm in school and it's
7:20 am, you can't REALLY expect me to be witty :-P.

Anyway, yesterday in Social Studies class, we started
speeches. I didn't give mine, but I probably will today

Yeah...there were some interesting attention getters. Andy
threw a keyboard across the room, and then he was actually
able to tie that to Gutenburg and the printing press.

Ally dressed in a fairy costume because her speech was on
Shakespeare and the fairy was from "A Midsummer Night's
Dream". (and some people think that SHAKESPEARE was maybe
a...a..a fairy...but we'll get to that later.)

Colin did Donatello (He's also a teenage mutant ninja
turtle!!!!) and drew an anatomically correct stick figure
on the board to represent David. Then he held up a bag of
Salt & Vinegar chips and said, "All of Donatello's
masterpieces are in Florence. This bag represents
Florence. The chips are Donatello's masterpieces. Anyone
want a masterpiece?"

CJ gave his speech too, but it sucked.

I don't think I can compete with Andy, Ally, and Colin,
but my attention getter shall confuse the class!

"Tutto che gli uomini può capire, può essere capito anche
dalle donne"

Yes, that's my attention getter. Have fun figuring that


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