Mark Gittner

Gay Guy juggles his life struggles.
2003-03-27 07:44:42 (UTC)

New determination for a better day

I suddenly feel strong. Strong enough to maintain my
discipline and maintain my desire to achieve my goals. I
feel like I can go the next 3 months on a minimal budget so
I can get back on my own, move to SC, get myself back into
college, and move on with my life!

Maybe I really can learn how to balance fun and being a
responsible adult!

Sigh.... that was short lived. I have hope tho. And
sometimes hope for the future is all we have to rely on,

The ray blinds me, burning me,
the piercing yellow miasma that brings color,
the warm cold light of day,
cresting the hill before me,
showing me things, colors flashing,
revealing that all darkness goes,
just as it comes, and will come again,
just to slip silently away again...

Lifes a cycle... here's to the hope this is the daybreak of
my life coming...