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2003-03-27 05:32:22 (UTC)

My Sister

I don't know if I've mentioned my sister before. If I
haven't it's because we aren't very close. She's 2 years
younger than I am and she's at school upstate. Ever since
she was born, she's known exactly what buttons to push to
make me mad. And even at 4 years old she would push them
just because. We used to fight like crazy when we were
little. She's the only person I've ever punched with the
intent to seriously hurt.

Now, I have gotten in my jabs too when and where I could,
so she's not to blame completely. Now that we're older, we
don't fight, but we are just really different people. In
all honesty, if she wasn't my sister, I wouldn't have
anything to do with her at all. She's not someone I would
chose to be friends with.

But because she is my sister, I've been trying. One of the
VERY few things we have in common is John Mayer. I took
her to a concert for her last birthday. It was fun. But
then it was over and we both were on our ways. I've
invited her to other things that I thought might be
interesting to her that we could do together. She's turned
everyone of them down. So I tried YET AGAIN tonight
because John is coming to a nearby town. I told her and
asked if she'd like to join me.

Her response? "I'm going with Courtney and her family.
They got me a ticket already!" Fine. I'm glad she's going.
But the fact is that it would have been really nice to at
least pretend to think of me and invite me. I've been
trying to find something to connect with her. I even tried
to tell her that I was kinda upset, but I'm not sure she
got it. Maybe I should just write her off instead of
sitting here being upset and crying over her uninterest.

But sometimes I wish I had a sister.