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2003-03-27 05:23:17 (UTC)

conversations with a friend...

I sent this link to several friends.. this is the resulting conversation...



There are two fundamental problems with the 'fucking for virginity' argument the
comparison of apples to oranges and north to get south.

Apples to Oranges: States of being.

Virginity cannot be recreated. It is a one shot deal. Either you are or you are not a
virgin. Period. Peace, on the other hand, can fluctuate between a peaceful state
and a state of war. Comparing virginity to peace is just not possible.

North to get south: Operating for health.

The following operations are invasive and painful to the patient:
1) Caesarean section
2) Root Canal
3) Chemotherapy
4) Aparoscopic cholecystectomy (gall stone removal).
5) Tonsillectomy

The doctor operates (goes north) to heal the patient (to get south).
Since it is possible to operate for health, it is possible to fight for peace.


yeah, but, i'm thinking that the line about viginity, is that, you can't really say you are
fighting for peace, I mean you can. but...

why not just come out and tell the truth..

you are fighting because invariably you are going to have a war one way or the
other, and what you had before last thursday was one of attrition by iraq...

as opposed to one of all out "i'm gonna get you sucka" which is going on now...

iM: yeah, but I am referrring to the virginity thing.


i think you have the right argument, but i think the allusion to apples and oranges
should be more along the lines of

green apples and red apples...

mmm, i think, now, bear with me here...

if you are fighting for peace, ala war, you are causing the object, peace, which was
in place, and changing it to the point where, it is no longer peace.

like when you fuck a virgin, she is no longer a virgin

now, there is nothing saying once you have finished, war, that you can then have a
new peace. which is different and therfore not the same as it was before. so you
have peace, just a different peace which you had to have, war, in order to get.

like some women, get their hymens re-attached, so thay they are, virgins again,
but they are not virgins the way they were before they were, fuckefd...

you know what i mean?

fuck, i don't know, it kinda makes sense to me..

iM: so do you agree with it?

me: lol hell yeah...