Dave's Mental Meanderings
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2003-03-27 05:04:28 (UTC)

Poem - "Dark Laughter"

The ides of March passed by this year
With not a word to tell,
But only days from then was when
The bottom finally fell.
The cobblestone beneath my feet
Brings forth a metaphor,
A single spade might lay some bricks,
But it’s not worth fighting for.
But now I find to my chagrin
That wit has lost its touch,
What good’s the best of metered rhyme
When no one reads that much?
The filthy streets, they hold me close
In a mother’s tight embrace,
They welcome those like me who choose
To keep with no one’s pace.
The gaudy neon signs tonight
Will cast their sordid glow,
Upon the sullen time-forgotten
Earthly midnight show.
The vampires in the alleyways
With shifty bloodshot eyes,
Through drifting wisps of sad gray smoke
They see through my disguise.
They know my home is here and now,
This place that time forgot,
They know I’m not just passing through,
Avoiding getting caught.
Those who gather among the sin
Between the crumbling walls,
At the foot of urban glory’s heights
They shout their drunken calls.
But who am I to judge these ghosts
As I walk among their ranks?
They scribble tales of desperation
While the others fill in the blanks.
I turn my head one time or two
To catch a passing glimpse
At the holy woes of sons of bitches,
Gamblers, whores, and pimps.
Tonight the martyrs, saints and angels
And all the holy men
Will cast aside their sacred books
To go mad one time again.
This motley scene of far-gone souls
Soon will draw me in,
With the purest lust for the smoky night,
Dark laughter comes again.

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