I'm a girl, not a band!!!
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2003-03-27 03:48:13 (UTC)


I'm sitting here writing what is probably the world's
easiest paper on the US Government, drinking kahlua and
cream (aka milk), listening to Wyclef and procrastinating
finishing this paper.

I'm at the three quarter mark of the sememster. Kinda
downhill from here, at least time wise. I have a feeling
the work load will increase. But that's to be expected.

I'm really wondering how to get out to CA. I was so happy,
and I haven't been happy in so long that I can't remember
the last time. I have a lot of saving to do, and need to
actually buy a car. I have no idea what I'd do out there
to support myself, but...there's just this pull. I can
feel it calling me.

I know I sound crazy. I probably am crazy. I know I'm
crazy. But I deserve to be happy. I do. I'm worth it. I'm
twenty-fucking-three years old. It's time to go. Every
moment I'm here is one less that I'm missing there. I wish
I could just go this summer and find a place and so on,
but it'll prolly be longer than that. God, my heart hurts
with the want to be there. There's a cliche line if I've
ever heard one.

The people at work are proud of me. The see that I'm
different. That I'm so much happier. They ask me about my
vacation and my face lights up. They can see how much it
means to me. Erin said she's seen this decision coming for
a long time, but I just wasn't ready to make it. (She has
a new boy toy by the way, but that's for another time.)

I am ready now.