My *Daily* Nightmare...
2003-03-27 00:22:37 (UTC)


Well.. this is by far the most useless posting yet..

March 26th, 6:13 p.m.
One Week! :o)

Today, is Wednesday, and im bored. i have a project due for
freakin geom. using trig. functions... ANd im to lazy to
actaully work on it.. so.. im sittin my ass on the
computer.. wishin i had pop tarts. oh good golly pop tarts
are good. lol. Well, me and matt have offically been
together a week. *thank you .. thank you* lol.. shocks the
hell out of me.. and everyone else. people who bet on 6
days had to pay up today. they were rather pissed. so
yeah. lol.. umm.. last night was a hockey game.. Matts mad
the canadaians didn win.. and the texans did.. but he'll
get over it. haha.. Matts also makin me stop smoking.
Now. That is a minor problem.. bc uh.. i cant? yep. so he
said everytime i smoke hell kill a bunny... i love bunnies.
hes such an evil bastard. Well.. school was okay today.. i
didnt do shit. i got online and talked to Beeba bc she was
home sick.. also exchanged a few with carolyn.. but..
nothing else. i have like.. 543 projects to do. and ive
finished... half of one. lol. Yay. I have dance and
anger management tomorrow. to RELEASE my anger on the
world.. while keepin on my toes. lol. yep. well.. ok.. back
to freakin trig.... :o(... ill keep ya posted on the
absoutly nothing that is my life!

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