taking heed

slightly exaggerated
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2003-03-27 00:12:28 (UTC)


Today, for reasons that can only be imagined, I have had
the uncontrollable urge to put finger to key and a write up
a storm. And if I had more direction or desire in my life
at this moment of enlightenment (or so it seems) I would no
doubt be writting a very profound book on a very profound
topic that would proundly change the world forever. But
alas, all I can or care to muster at this point in time are
short and sharp bursts of stuff.

Actually, I've been seriously meddling over the possibilty
of writing a song called POW. This war thing is really
affecting me in a deep way that I never thought possible.
Everything from the sheer idiocacy and arrogance and
bullying tactics employed by the United States, to the
exponetial growth of hate and spite throughout the world,
to the propaganda-esque and war glorification of supposed
objective news stations, to the anti-war novatly spurred on
by the best Hollywood has to offer. Its enough to make one
want to vomit in every direction.

Now that I've totally lost the intent of this entry....
I'm going to go before it gets worse....