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2003-03-27 00:09:04 (UTC)

I'll be here awhile...

spring break ended a little while ago so i thought i'd
update everyone on what happend and stuff...
over spring break me and ,a once really good friend but
now just kinda friend, brandon went on a "bike trip across
florida" we helped this guy set up some tents and got
paid. well originally my plan was for this to bring me and
brandon closer because me and him were such good friends i
thought if he'd give me a chance again everything would be
fine. well we talked a bunch. now have some memories. it
was pretty successful by my part. we're close again, and
this pleases me. i need someone who can listen and give
advice and when i can, do the same for them. i kinda got
myself into something i shouldn't of though... brandon and
melissa used to go out. they broke up. since then both of
them tell me how they like the other one. but they dont
think the other one does. during spring break i was on
mission to solve these things. i find out brandon still
likes melissa. i told him she still likes him. i agreed
next time she mentions that she likes him i'd inform him
so he could ask her on a date or something like that
(sounds like a fucked up cupid deal) since i got back i
have reported to both. told brandon melissa said
something. and told melissa i was telling brandon. so as
of now brandon and melissa are suposedly on the way to
being back together...now that i've explained it all..i'll
tell you why that has anything to do with me. last time
they were going out...the thing that broke me and
brandon's friendship occurred...the only reason i did what
i did (try to put them back together) is a. they're both
my friends..why not put happiness in their lives... b. i
think they'll both be more positive towards me once they
have each other..cus they wont bitch about being single
and c....there is no c...but they are some bad outcomes
that could come...a. they could just want to be alone,
that's ok, it's what bf/gf's do...but this was a plan to
make them appreciate me more or whatever..but i'll get
over that...anyways...now that that's done..back to me...
hey it is MY diary...errr...journal..diary is a little
feminine...but it's all good

this friday (two days from now) me and peter are taking a
plane (vrooom...plane noises) to las vegas (cha ching) to
see SKA SUMMIT 2003!!! we've both been anticipating this
for a while now. it will rock the world with some left to
spare. so as of now i'm in a good mood.

now to the world of girls... dun dun dun...
there are none in my life right now. and i wish there
were. i mean it goes like this...if you're single you want
someone, but once you get that someone you're like okay i
want to be single. it's twisted and sucks. so i search for
that someone. no luck as of yet. but we'll see. no more
for now. but i'm sure something dramatic will happen and
you'll hear all about it... until then

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