Marco Jacksonovic

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2003-03-26 22:01:12 (UTC)

I'm Breaking Spoons

Man, today hurt. Two things. Least painful first.

1. During the Muriel's game today, I was on the bench.
That's not a problem, I'm used to that, I don't have any
great pace, and they always go for their little public
school group first - I'm not in that.

However, at half-time, when substitutes traditionally come
on, nobody gave way, which was fair enough, we played
really well and were 1-0 up, should have been many more.
But after I came on, first I was given a really soft pass,
which had no chance of reaching me (honestly, it was
intercepted less than half the way of the 15 yards) and
was blamed (shouted at) for not reaching it. Then it just
sank into some sort of 'shout at Marco, tell him to mark
everyone' thing.

It was as if everyone had tired themselves out so much
first half that they were making the fresh legs do ALL the
running second. I just walked off to be substituted. I'm
not a lap dog, and why should I do that?

2. I was wandering out of the uni building...I don't know
I want to do this any more....I don't really feel the
story needs to go out. Its my problem.

I saw something, somebody, doing something I was unhappy
to see. A ghost from the past...two of them. It really
took the shine off my otherwise (until then) nice
day...made me question things about myself.

I'll stop now. I was going to abuse some people. Myself
included, but there's no need. It doesn't affect me
directly. It was just 'something I didn't want/need to
see'. It wasn't a house of cards falling, but it was
discovering you didn't have one. Pick a card. Any card....

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