ramblings of this hopeless romantic
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2003-03-26 21:44:05 (UTC)


OMG RENT WAS GREAT!!!! Ooooh the guy who played Mark was
HOT!!! That show has a lot of sex in it. Oh well. I liked
it a lot. The theater was interesting, yes, very
interesting. The guy who played Roger looked really good in
his headshot...but not so much in person. Long hair just
isn't my style...nope. It was once (Braxton)...but
now...nah. Itz better that he looks like a guy. Yup.

Argh....I wish I could find a guy. Nice, not neccessarily
tall (taller than me--not too hard), sensitive to my needs
(I'm too damn nice for my own good). Too bad I won't find
him. Oh well.