insane inside 2
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2003-03-26 21:04:16 (UTC)

my day on aderall

today i took some aderall n it was while i
was in 5th hr.(fitness)and the class was streaching except
for this gurl that i dont get along with(dorthy) more bout
her ways so paul wasnt streaching n john(teacher)
started bitching at him n he got pissed n started bitching
at john..n me n his friends were talking bout it n they
said that hes getting kick out of skool..n if he dose thats
gunna sux for the both of us like no other cuz hes a senoir
n shit n ill never see him agen cuz we hardley see each
other as it is cuz we live pretty back to
dorthy..shes one of them gurls that u just hate..she thinks
shes batter then every 1 n junk so friday i was talkin g to
john saying i didnt wana be in one of his classes cuz
heather n dorthy were in it n shes all blah blah n i
laughed at her n today we went to peermedtion,,it took for
ever cuz we never talk to each other we dont even acknowldg
one another,so we couldent come up with a conclution
exceptthat we dont talk about one another to other ppl r to
each other..