Thoughts arrive like butterflies
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2003-03-26 18:39:14 (UTC)

Not that it matters or anything, but

Auschwitz opened today for the jews.

Hmmm...god, I'm bored. My back still kills and....I'm bored!
I have French c/w to do too, but I just can't be bothered.
I hate French...I hate my French teacher, I hate the
accent, I hate everythint about it. It's just.....urgh,
please. I'd rather speak scottish that French.

I've decided, when I'm flung out of the nest, if I don't go
into the Army, I'm going to go to NewZealand or Russia--
just so I can be surrounded by those great accents 24/7.

Well....I know I'll never get to, but...I can still dream.
Oh! That me reminds me, I had astrange dream last night. I
lived in Sams house and someone broke in and got lost in
the house.'twas fun.

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