UnBrEaK My HeArT
2003-03-26 17:40:10 (UTC)

Random Thought-Peanuts Make Me Cough

Hmm. I have offically not left my house for four days. I
think I am going to go crazy! I just wanna feel goooood!
Actually I think I am getting better. I actually was able
to sleep last night and breath ;) a reall treat! Being
sick really makes you realize the things you take for
granted every day. I value my health. I have to pick my
sister up today from my aunts at 3 so that will be my big
venture till tomarrow when I go to school. hah I never
thought I would want to go to school! But I actually miss
everyone there so much! I miss them when we go on
break...I cant even imagine how hard its going to be when
we graduate in how many days gurls!? Oh thats right....34
more dayssss! Wow thats crazy. How many days till
Prom...50! yikes! And thats including weekends and SPRING
BREAK! which is going to be awesomeeeee! Hm Prom. I have
absolutly NO idea who I want to bring. I have people I can
bring but I want to bring someone who I know will make the
night fun no matter what. Because its PROM! All I know
is no matter what the after party is going to be crazy! Im
positive itll be a night Ill never forget. Spring Break
is going to be fun too. Kristyn and I....In california!?
Oh snap ;) lol cant wait for that. Hmm I need a job. I
think Im going to go turn in my apps to AppleBees and
Chilis when I dont look like Im dying ne more :) I also
want to apply to this new restaurant thats opening
up...Looks like fun...Lots of cute guys. hehe all the more
reason to work there. Lol heyy when you go to an all girls
school you have to work these other things to your
advantage. Hm life is pretty good right now. Enjoying the
single life. I offically realized after going through 2
boyfriends in a matter of a MONTH that I need to be single
for a while. Explore my options...lol right? Sigh I
missed Real World last night because I was on the fone! Oh
well...Im a chatty Kathy. Im sure Ill catch it today since
IM HOME AGAIN. lol. Alright well this has been pretty
long. yay get excited happy times!
Luv Ya

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