People are evil WHy?
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2003-03-26 17:06:12 (UTC)

Parents are dumb.

Parents are dumb and they don't get it. My mom has left or
my dad kicked her out, however you want to say it! And my
dad thinks that yelling to get his point across works. It
doesn't it just pisses me off more and i get mad at him for
a week. The only think yelling accoplishes is raising his
blood preasure and making him fell bad about doing it
later! And you kow what he yelled at me about last night?
Singing! Because he was asleep and my dumbass little
brother had to go wake him up and tell him that i was
bothering him. Witch is bull, because it is my room to and
i have every right to sing it in! Anyways.... I am boredly
sitting in yearbook, falling asleep. It must be those 15
sleeping pills i took last night. Never do that, it doesn't
kill you, it just makes you really sleepy for like two
days! i am going to die if i don't get some sleep anyways.
AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Goodbye for now, until me meet

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