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today is the greatest day
2003-03-26 14:05:55 (UTC)

Protesters: Naive, Maipulated, Violent

Ok, Ok, Ok! Enough! These protests are going way out of
hand. Today was a student strike day for protesting against
the war on Iraq. Of course I didn't strike, and to be
honest I don't personally know anybody who did. I cannot
believe how discusted I am by all of this. On the news
there was only violence at the peace protests. Now doesn't
that seem to be like an absolute oximoron to you? Violent
protests for peace? Apparantly in Syney some protestors
tried to attack police with knives. Is the world insane?
How can people possibly get their point accross At
A "PEACE" RALLY when they are using violent upheaval as a
tool? Well I know where the influence for the violene is
coming from anyway. I discovered that all the peace
protests, particularly the ones focusing on Youth have been
rooted in organisations with a neo-marxist group
called "Resistance" They stand for an upheaval of our
goverment, and many others across the world, through
violence. So what is happening with these protests is that
an unrealised underground group has used the events of the
war as a tool for being able to mediate their own plans
through the manipulative youth culture. It is evident that
these protests have been far more centralised on the
attacking of western politics, rather than that of the
dicatorian regimes of the middle east, this is due to the
ulitmate plans of the groups who have been supporting these
protests. Using our youth as pawns for their own ambitions.
It angres me so much, because it appears to be working. The
world is going insane. Can people not see what heroes these
soldiers are? On the news it was the Iraqi troops who were
firing upon their own civilians, not the coalition. Those
men were fighting for and with the Iraqi civilians. This is
an incredibly noble war. I saw an Anti-war poster at uni
that was comparing the war in Iraq to Vietnam. What fools!
Vietnam was a disgustingly horrible war that the US should
be ashamed of, this is far different. To compare these 2
wars is ludicrous. The world seems to me as though they
just want something to be pissed off about. Well the anti-
war protestors are what are pissing me of. If anything they
are retarding the process of a swift victory, that is all.
Man, it's obvious that the casualties suffered through this
war will be nothing compared to the ammount of people who
would die if Hussein was allowed to continue. You cannot
deny that. He has already destroyed over 1 million of his
own people. And whoever says that he didn't have enough
time to disarm needs to realise that he had 12 years to do
so, and he was lieing about it too. There is subtantial
proof. People who say that it's all about oil are being
fooled by conspiracy-theory-creating, manipulative anti-
demo-republican groups such as "Resistance", who are doing
less good for this world than this war will ever do. Wake
up everybody! Well now that I've vented all of that
frustration I might as well give you the rundown on my day.
I went to Uni, had a good old time, drank heaps of coffee
to keep me buzzing all day (which worked too well)
watched "North by Northwest" in my media text class. Wrote
a Sessarian Sonnet about sleep in my creative writing
tutorial that everybody seemed to feel was really quite
good. Umm went home and came on the computer to vent my
frustration. It's all my opinion, but none of it (I
promise) is not factual, research it yourself if you want,
it's all on the net. But truly my opinion is that in times
where peace is a necessity that must be fought for we need
to support our world. They carry the wieght of the world,
we should be theones who carry them. Grow up you
protestors! None of them want war, and none of them are pro-
war. They are all just doing their jobs and trying to save
as much lives as possible. Once again, this is my opinion,
send us a message if you wanna share your own opinion.
Otherwise, Goodevening! HARGH! (spasm).

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