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2003-03-26 13:27:18 (UTC)

Japanese ear-cleaning

So i get myself out to the ole barber because my mane was
running a bit long and scraggly. Now Ive been in Japan for
several years so getting a haircut is no big deal (besides
the pricetag...a fucking 40 dollar cut is cheap!..I feel
sorry for women)
Anyways, my barber was out to lunch so I had to wait for
about 15 minutes...no biggie, I just sat back and read one
of the weekly magazines...you know, the ones with political
news on one page and porn on the other (not kidding
here...Its called Friday).
So the waiting was not a prob, but my guy gets all
apologetic and says he'll give me a free service as part of
the cut (no, not a blowjob...assholes...) I usually say no
to the extras..these include normal things like shave/and
shampoo...to odd things like eyebrow sculpting (for men) and
massages (yep) and downright weird things like ear
cleaning... Wouldnt you know it, I was given the ear cleaning.
What a fucking experience. This aint no Q-tip
adventure. We are talking about bladed scrapers, and
mini-shears and deep penetrating metalic tools of unknown
origin...I even got an ear massage... lets say that one
again: AN EAR MASSAGE It was refreshing, and my fucking
ears GLEAM...but christ, Im never doing that again.