Brad`s Journal
2003-03-26 10:38:13 (UTC)

It`s here a new Era

* Disclaimer: The Opinions here are not meant for any individual
person. They are to Anyone who reads this entry. All I can say is
have an Open mind and you should be fine.

Thanks to a good friend of mine I have realized that I
am not perfect. I never said that I was perfect But she
informed me that when I would talk to her I would always
make it seem like I was trying to prove that I am I good
guy. Which made it sound like I was trying to convince
myself that I was perfect. I know I’m a good guy and for
some reason I have been acting fake around people acting
like everything is just "perfect." Well I have also
realized that there is No such thing as a perfect person!!
No one can ever be perfect. I thought that I was perfect
but I was way wrong I have flaws just like everyone else. I
am starting a new Chapter in my life It’s Known as "REAL

There are two totally separate Brads. There is The "Old
Brad" which was the one that would be acting fake who would
always keep things inside of him. Who always wanted people
to like him No matter what he had to do!! This Brad was the
one Got made fun of as a kid and who would do anything to
be cool. This Brad Is No longer going to be around There is
about to be a new Era in my life. This Era has been waiting
to come for a long time. The Name of this New Era Is
The "REAL BRAD" Era.

The "Real Brad" Era This Brad will be totally different
then you have ever known before this Brad Will speak his
mind. If you don’t like that then "Fuck Off!" I will now
tell people the way it is ands if they don’t like it I
could care less!! You might not like what I have to say but
You will respect me for saying it!! I will no longer hide
behind this fake, phony front! If I don’t like you I will
tell you If you don’t like it Like I said before "Fuck Off"
I don’t need you in my life. If you don’t want me to speak
my mind then why would I have you as a friend? I expect all
of my friends to accept this new Era. If someone does not
like the new Brad That’s just too bad because, I will not
change for anyone. This is the way I am and this is the way
I will stay!! I will still be the teddy bear Brad But If I
don’t agree with something I will let you know. I will Not
be fake everything I say and do will come from the heart
and soul of Me!!! I am sick and Tired of being fake acting
like everything is just fine!!! I will from this point in
my life Speak my mind and if people don’t like it "Screw
Them." I am who I am and if you don’t like that once again
you can "Fuck Off"

*These Statements are not directed towards any specific
individual. They are directed towards anyone who cares to
read this!!!
Thank you,

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