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2003-03-26 06:33:33 (UTC)

It is another boring day in my life

If u are reading this that is really funny. Because no one
reads my diary. Well today I stayed home and was on the net
all day. Then i went to the rec to see him the guy i like.
well it was so funny because he like did not talk to me and
tried not to look at me it was so funny. But anyways i wish
that i had a boyfriend it would make me so happy:). But i
don't so i am not:(. If i had one wish it would be to have
a good boyfriend that really like me for who i am. I am not
pretty so they would not like me for my looks. But it
really weired because i don't no y guys like me. It is so
weired i guess they are just using me lucky me. this is
funny because i am frist talking about my day and then it
dose to how i really feel. I justed wish but i no where is
going to be someone out there for me. I just wish i had the
person now! But that is not going to happin anytime soon.