All That I Am
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2003-03-26 06:03:23 (UTC)

The Downfall of Man

I'm in a pretty crappy mood today and I don't know why. I
think I was fine and then I came into work and I just
didn't want to be around anyone. I think I've been hearing
so much negative, ignorant stuff nowadays that I'm just
tired of people in general. I've heard so much fighting and
bickering back and forth and it's just ridiculous...why
can't everybody just leave everyone else the hell alone?
Why are so many people so intimidated by what's different
from them? It's a ho-hum issue and I'm not going to get
into it now. So many of my journal entries have become
about me talking about issues and various topics and I
don't feel like debating with myself anymore, it's kind of
unfulfilling. Now, I say that but in a week I'll be back at

I guess I shouldn't have tried to do this entry so late in
the day cause I have to go start shutting down the
computers. Later.