thats absurd
2003-03-26 05:48:15 (UTC)

Con sarnit

OK God, one request. Just one. No...wait...2...2
requests...??? it's just one. Think You can Handle it? I
was reading this book the other day and there was this guy and he
said it was a good day and that he was...and then i saw this
word...I fumbled around with it for a good 10 seconds before I
decided to sound it out phoneticaly. And after i decided to sound it
out phoneticaly, I did sound it out phoneticaly.
Hah?...hoh?...ha...ha...happy? Well anyway I think Id like to try
that for a while. Its not like I havn't tried being happy, 'cause I
have. It's just...well, I think too much to be happy. Sure I got
joy it's just so deep that it has become completely useless. Its OK
to be shalow every once in a while, isn't it? . . . . . NO! but
wait. If I do Something like that, I might do something crazy
like...get a girlfriend or...or...get a girlfriend, and it wont last
and then I will be misserable-er. CRAP!......See what I mean about
thinking. Con Sarnit...I just...(sigh)