Nick's Journal
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2003-03-26 03:48:56 (UTC)

A random walk down life

i study marketing and write in my book, "why are you
learning this?" it's not a question ot the next person
buying the book but ot myself. i wonder at the dichotomy
of my life. the innocence of my everyday meandering and
the turmoil of foreign policy. this dichotomy is manifest
in our society. we are all little gears that churn,
propelling society down the path of "righteousness"
atleast our society. sounds like something a liberal
would say. marketing gets me the same way sports
announcers do. how can we shamelessly promote a certain
definitive aspect of commercialism during these times? oh
yeah that's, right.......because we'd be lost without the
distraction. we'd scream at every dismemberment, and
every death, instead we scream for every stain, and every
dent in our materials.
i know that the fucking study hall building is closing but
i dont want to go home, so i go to kroger. why? as an
escape. we all complain about society and bash it as if
it were the greatest evil in the world, yet we reap it's
benefits. think of all that you have. yes it's a lot, no
matter how little you think you have. how much of that
was not provided by "society"? burn it all, and then come
back with your complaints. but of cousre we don't do it,
becuase our society and the web it has spun around us is
an ethereal feeling that we don't DARE let go of. what
else is there? not the savage life! oh no!
we fight a battle against society that is purely self-
serving. whenever people condemn society it is in the
same manner in which people go ot church. they feel
guilty. no other reason. they don't (as they love to have
you believe) discover some NEW inequity in our society and
try to rectify it. that inequity is manifest in a system
which you serve, because it pays. don't flatter yourself
so much with your zealous quest for equality.
instead i suggest you do what i do. go to kroger late at
night and marvel at the multitude of benefits. realize
that a 80 yr. old woman and a college girl can go through
the aisles of kroger in a fruitless journey to acquire
things they wouldn't need if it weren't for their need to
counter a realization of personal insignificance. i mean
christ, we have terry bradshaw writing books on how to
live your life.
it's simple. marvel at the small things in life. no
shit. you know why you should do that? because you block
out the rest. "ooooooo look a puppy"
easy way to not think. i understand though, because
thinking is driving me insane.

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