2001-10-09 03:07:46 (UTC)

Quilting Day

Today was very much a quilting day. I spent most of the
morning finishing the Bowtie quilt and I'm very happy with
the way it looks. Of course, I can't use it until it's
bound--my least favorite part of making a quilt and one I
always put off as long as I can manage. I still have a pink
quilt which needs binding. I put the Leap! quilt in the
frame and have begun quilting and I also dug out a couple of
primitve black crow quilt hangers out of the old dresser in
my closet. I'll have to measure how long a dowel I'll need
to ask John for and also measure to see what the diameter
needs to be. Perhaps I'll even have this one finished for
Halloween and the two black crow hangers will really set it

I had also finished the Four Pumpkins wallhanging top but it
still needs some borders. That one's next for the frame and
it'll be followed by a full-size quilt. I just haven't
decided which one yet. I know I have enough batting but I'll
need to check to see if I have backing fabric for it.

John's mother had a little refrigerator which she has lent
to Owen. John brought it over to him this evening.

I'm dreading tomorrow as I have to have two fillings
replaced. I hate going to the dentist but it isn't because
I don't like the dentist I have. He's really quite gentle
and always does a good job. I think it's because when I was
growing up I never went to the dentist unless I had to have
a half dozen fillings or so. We didn't have dental
insurance, you see, when I was growing up. I'm grateful we
have it now even though I don't look forward to going.