lindsay ann

somewhere in between
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2003-03-26 02:15:01 (UTC)


first of all, i could swear i already have an entry called "amnesia".
but that's not the point...basically i keep thinking i've written stuff in
here and it either gets erased (por ejemplo, my looong entry about
mexico) or i never even wrote it...apparently.

but today, i write. not that there's much to write anyway. a lot of
teenage politics going on and i guess i'm somewhat involved for
once...although for invalid reasons. haha. whatever. anyway, i'm
going to prom with joey and that sounds like fun to me, but it has
understandably ruffled some feathers....basically considering the
fact that there's no funny business of any sort going on between us
and that we could go and totally enjoy prom in and of itself without
any emotional shmuck, it kinda just worked yeah. there's
my explanation. things like this always bring up questions or
suspicious theories...but don't worry. we're chill y nada mas.

marisa called me last night...actually a buttload of people called
me last night, and it was quite exciting. but most exciting was
marisa, cuz she's such a bundle of joy and we agree on the
craziest things and can talk without being evil. that's a nice touch.
we enjoy each other purely for the randomness we contain. haha.

well youth group is soon...and baby's mama drama might more later...