My Gay Misadventures
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2003-03-26 01:27:06 (UTC)

Woohoo My first date in 5months

Well, I skipped that party and The KKK bash-a-long thing,
and instead went on a date.
Michael, I'v known from online for awile, so we finaly
decided to say howdy-do with a meeting. I think it was
around 9:30pm or so when I met him at the Via Transit
Center, So we went to Barns and Nobles till it closed at
11pm. (I found this really niffty book on gay sex there, I
must have it)...Anyway, after we left, we moped around the
parkin lot, chitta chatting, then Got hungry. We tried
Denny's first, but our broke ass's could only afford tha
lemon in the water, so we tried for the Jack in the box.
The drive thru was only open, but did that stop us? BUT OF
COURSE! cars scurr me, so we had to keep runnin away from
the bright lights. The guy finaly came to the door and the
first thing he says, before we can speak is "Why are yall
dressed like that? Are yall gay?"...I'v never been asked by
a total stranger what my sexual prefrance was, so I didnt
know how to respond. I didnt wanna say something rude,
seeing how this guy was 'supossed' to feed us 'N all so I
just mumbles a lot of nothingness. The guy told us to go to
the window, and as we walked away he said "Nice
Ass"..Yeesh! anyway, we get our food and head out around
the block to eat it, in some ditch. (cuz it be cold
out)...we walked S'more then Headed back to my place. There
we watched some movies, snuggled, and did this really slow,
face rub, kiss thing. It reminded me of my first kiss, only
this time it wasnt in the back of a Van. Anyhoo. We stayed
up till 6am or so, then went to the bedroom to try and
sleep. we ended up gettin nude and did a lot of Foreplay
and oral, but other then that, nothing serious. He went
home the next afternoon, and I was supposed to meet up with
him again today, but his plans altered. Pish-Posh! Ok.
Headache kickin in. Till my next Advendure.