Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2003-03-26 00:46:10 (UTC)

Are You Really Out There?

People who watch 'The Club'? Is there really anyone who
wants to watch a group of people with all the charm of
recently beheaded lizard, grow progressively more and more
drunk, more and more loud, and more and more lecherous?

Even though I think I can be quite the lech, I shudder to
even imagine being as coarse or vulgar as some of those
people. Yes, I know its a television programme and people
will play up to the camera, and yes, I know the guys will
be spurred on by the buxom Sam Fox, but even so?

Is life like that? Is that the heaven of nightlife I'm
missing out on? Cos I don't think I am missing out any
more. No doubt at all. To sink to those depths...I
coudln't do it.

Oh, and I saw the speech by Adrien Brody as he won his
Oscar today, bloody good lad. Funny, moving, a little
long, but ultimately a good speech. I feel sort of partly
responsible, which is a little unfair. Yes, I've seen the
Pianist, and yes I've only given it good reviews (which is
surely as it should be with a good film) but I was not
quite made, but encouraged and cajoled into going to see

But not so much after I investigated what it was about. I
thought it was going to be more holocaust than it was. Of
that, at least, there was mercifully little. (Yes, I
know...but I've seen all I ever want to see, it would have
been very much inappropriate with the subject matter)

WILT? The Beautiful South - Perfect 10