2003-03-25 23:09:50 (UTC)

whats been goin on

ok this is what's been going on recently, i've had about no time to
myself and i was going through some trouble and really needed to
talk. well this was one of those times where when you're actually
willing to talk to someone about something then other people rn't
willing to listen. i don't know if u've ever had a moment like this
but i have many times. i think it's amazing how twenty people piss u
off but it on'y takes one person to make it all better and cool you
down. man i felt like i was about to explode with anger, i was
listening to everyone else's problems and no one would listen to
mine. then someone actually cared and offered to listen to me.
venting my anger is really important to me cuz if i didn't vent or
run off my anger it keeps building up more and more then eventually
i'll hit someone/something or break a few objects that might be
pretty valuable. my baby is so understanding and i absolutely love
him for that. my baby has so many talents which i think is so
awesome such as playing soccer and things like that. last night i
had this dream, the kind that makes u want to never wake up again,
i also wrote a poem about it. if u r under the age of 14 i don't
think u should read it, it gets a tad bit graphic.
Waves crashing all around
Laying against the cold, wet ground
The warmth getting closer as he closes in
Soft, silky feel as his hand brushes my cheek
Starts getting darker
As his head shadows my face
The moment his lips press against mine
I know everything is going to be fine
An amazing feeling almost like flying
His kiss left me breathless
The sound of seagulls are for once relaxing
His soft hands slide over my stomach
Then slowly down my bikini bottoms
The erotic pleasure shot through my body as his finger
I pleaded with him to slide inside me
Started like a race
Start off slow but pick up the pace
Forget about relaxing
Getting closer and closer to climaxing
Harder and faster
Eyes locked and hands clasped
The sensation of orgasm rolling in with the waves
The explosion comes, draining all eergy
Lying still, breathing heavy
He whispers softly in my ear
"All I want is u right here
I couldn't survive without u near
Look into my eyes sugadoll,
Will u spend the rest of ur life with me?"
I said nothing just looked into his eyes
Smiled and kissed him hard
Sometimes dreams do come true

well anyway this weekend i worked then coached track and right after
track i coached dance, then went to a friends house to talk and then
went home took a shower and went to bed. my weekend was ok but
boring. sorry for not writing in this very often and for not typing
that much in this one.Song of the Entry: "But I Do Love You"- Leann