devils memoirs
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2003-03-25 22:02:25 (UTC)

finding happiness in apocalyptic irony

the god you want
is always away
from you
the god you want
never cared
for you

you see
that everything you knew
was a lie
to me
i know
but you
wanted it to be

i can see it on your face
drowning in your own disgrase
fed up with everyone including your savior
try to start life again at your own pace
It never worked for me..good luck to thee.

your god
your lord
is never ending always pending
never there always absent
your christ
your savior
spoke to me and told me
that Alexander was coming to take your land
the lord
our god
said this must be so
he exclaimed
to me
to come
conquer thee
and i
believe it
even after decades
i do
i am a fool
and you
you know
but you dont want to tell me
because you need
your god
to spread
your infinite tyranny.

If you
dont follow
why the fool should know
the sky will come crashing down
on him and his
familiar oppositions
you see and you
to me
out of your
own fear
its funny
now its clear