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2003-03-25 21:57:27 (UTC)

meditation 17 vs. going home

here i sit... at work... waiting on my boss, dr. courtney,
to get back from the doctor's office so i can
leaveeeeeeeeeee... sadly, no luck just yet....

bored bored bored.

this past weekend i went to emma's house. we road around
the back roads of curtis having a GRAND ole time...

yesterday amanda and i did tae bo and walked around in a
graveyard by her house, while i stuck a magnolia tree in
her bath tub...

i planted that tree today... gee i hope it lives.

poptart went to parkwood we hear... she took mrs. smythe's
dig. camera and finally returned it only to come to a quick

prom is near. chip is my date. and i'm wearing a pants
suit with one strap... it's really pretty... despite the
fact i actually thought i would hate pants at prom... ..
it's cute and comfortable.

tomorrow i'm going to district competition for opening and

elizabeth is doing better. she's awake... and writing out
words on a marker board. ... she did say her first word
since the accident the other day... "ouch"... ... i went to
see her this sunday. ... she looks better... and she'd wake
up and dose off a little bit... but that's only cause the
doctors were supposed to take her off whatever drug she was
on six days prior to that. ... hmph... maybe this weekend
she'll be more up for company... i miss her.

over spring break i went to jamaica, mexico, and grand
caymen. ... it was beautiful... it was hot... and i wish i
was still there. ....... so so much.

ok peeps...