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2003-03-25 21:48:06 (UTC)

teenage pregnancy

I was out one night over spring break and I called home to
tell my mother I wasn't comming home that night, and she told
me my cousin is pregnant. My couwsin is 17 and to make a long story short her mother got pregnant the same general time as my mother, only my mother was like 25 and married, and my ( technically my second cousin) cousin's mother was 17 at the time, and currently in highschool. I am 3 months and 5 days older thatn my cousin and we've been like best friends our whole lives. I didn't even know what to say when she told me. What do you say you say ya know? At first I thought she was joking and I kept thinking what a strange time to be playing jokes, and then I realized she wasn't. I was in such shock...I mean it's been such a big deal that she and I understand the importance of not getting pregnant in highschool. My cousin isn't the first one. Including her and her mother there have been, I believe 4 teenage and/or unmarried pregnancies in my immediate family. as in within one generation of me. She called me, and we talked about it, but it was very awkward. She doesn't want an abortion which is understandable, because if her mother had had an abortion she would have never been born. But I can't even imagine being pregnant. I'm moody, and nausious, and stressed enough on my own. I see her on average 2 or 3 times a year ( she lives in BFE in New York) and it's so strange to think that the next time I see her she have a baby. a little thing that came out of her uterus. I know things are gonna be pretty hard in the next few months for her, and I'm trying to be supportive, and not to sound selfish but this kind of put pressure on me too you know? I mean, it's not like I'm having sex of any shape form or measure, but the fact that I could and to have that weight of disappointing SO many people because of what's gone on in ny fanily would kill me. I am pro abortion if it came down to it. But I don't even want to have to make that decision, and the fact that she has to makes me sad.c