malenky devotchka

Bella Morte
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2003-03-25 20:48:16 (UTC)

the misfits of magic

i had this trippy dream where people were singing and
dancing naked
in the streets and on freeways and
whenever they sang Led Zeplin songs they would
i was walking and i was the only one in clothes
and this guy that looked somewhat a guy named Josh i met at
the theatre festival, came up to me and asked me if i
wanted to go see the
"misfits of magic"
and i was totally confused and i thought it was a band when
it was three guys juggling asian cuisine and cooking on the
then my friends Cristal, Ashley and Adrianna, showed up,
fully dressed, and they were singing the pineapple song
from Cabaret, and then they walked into the surf and turned
into dolphins and swam away and i was left alone on a beach
with an egg roll in my hand.