Love is an Addiction
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2003-03-25 20:47:52 (UTC)

A weird entry

dear diary,

Today was kinda fun everybody was hyper!Today me and this
gurl named Taneisha were writein notes bac and forth in
science and she started talkin bout this boy named jeff D.
and she said he got a long dick cuz you can see it on his
leg and stuff well good for him if it really iz that long
but I AIN'T lookin nd i don wanna know.Brandon iz such an
ass.sorry just had to ass that in there. I just got off the
phone with jonathon ,hehe he just called me its funny hes
goin nunna,errrrr now hes mad cuz HE THINKS I hung up on
him.Which I didn't but ne ways.hes so funny hes sweet most
of the time not all the time I don know hes crazy!hehe.I'll
write in you later jonathon need help!

love alwayz

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