Love is an Addiction
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2003-03-25 20:33:34 (UTC)


Dear diary,

Jonathon made me cry tonight.I was so close and then I just
fucked it up!see like 2 days ago I aske jonathon out and he
never answered.And then online I said answer my question
and he said suck my dick and I thought he was 4reel an I
said no and he was like FUCK YOU,SAME TO YOUR QUESTION!and
in m heart I was tellin myself that he was just playin that
he would never be really that mean to me.I guess I should
follow my heart next time and he told me to call him and so
I did and I thought he was gonna say he was just playin
when he started talkin 2 me or say just jokin in his funny
lil voice that he does and when he didn't I freaked out.I
mean I really wanna go with him and stuff. And I was said I
had a reason 2 be but he thought I was mad but I wasn't so
I don know if it was me bein sad or him thinkin I was mad
that triggered him to say that he WUZ just playin but since
I was trippin he didn't want to go wit me i wonder if he
changed his mind will i ever kno! DO I KNOW NETHING DAMNIT!!
ne wayz u kno itz weird cuz I feel like its all my fault
that he said no an i guess in more than 1 way it is bu
doesn't every1 deserve a second chance I mean really.
well I'm gonna go now.I'm gonna go to sleep
I go to sleep when I'm upset
Love him alwayz

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