My boring old life that seems interestin
2003-03-25 19:46:06 (UTC)

Long Time

Well it has been awhile since I have written. Lets see the
last time i wrote I wrote all about mike. Well a lot has
happened since then. I have moved. I left all my friends
behind. I moved like 900 miles away from home, friends, and
my grandparents. It totally sucks! The school year had
finally started going good for me. Me and my two best
friends werent fighting anymore and I had just hooked back
up with my ex. My last day at school was February 14. Great
day to move huh? I dont get to talk to my friends much and
i really miss them. I havent made many new friends yet. My
two best friends here are Jessica and Jennifer fer for
short. They are very nice and I spent ALL of my spring
break hanging out with me! We shared secrets and things
like that. I was really surprised at some of the things
Jessica told me cuz i just met her! well thats the bell!
later dayz!