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2003-03-25 19:11:20 (UTC)


my pen is dying and i am dying and you have to be the evil
bitch. Glittering sky blue eyes. Hair like golden
cornsilk. You with your sweet smile and tender looks-you
give me everything. You give me nothing. Left clinging
to the wisp of finery-a broken zipper, unstitched pocket.
Does she, capture your attention? Make you laugh-eyes
crinkled, teeth bared in a grimace…or with truth? How do i
compare? A cheap substitute ceramic in anxiousness to fit
on your dining room table, your bookshelf. but no one can
truly replace the centerpiece. Or is it me? Your softly
curves and sharp imagination bright and deadly. Captive.
i am. trapped by you. ditched by you. abandoned by you-
only to have you give me everything and nothing. Turning
over and over again until i am the center of a vortex of
gold and cerulean. Everywhere you are but where am i to
you? Do I exist in that pretty head or am i just time to
you? Used for time given. Simple. Easy. Do you cry?
tears of silver? Or do you sit stolidly in your position?
Rightful queen of your domain-never questioning-never
wondering. Lowly servants are us only. Like us because
we’re there. Because there is no one else- no one as high
as you. So you come down like charity spreading your sun
and sky, dropping us when we fail to sparkle rightly-
mining more companions. Do you dream? with lazy morning
smiles that squeeze my stomach and warm the chill you are
leaving. Do you want and yearn? The silent queen-
isolated in her jewels. Authority. Power. So many smiles
turn to prissy frowns and your song echoes twitching ears,
flaring nostrils and you slap me with your trust. I love
you. And as you beat me, stomp on me and kick me into the
ground with your indifference. i cry. i love you. my
tears aren’t sapphires and do not interest you. Soft
tender sweet cold hard brittle queen. i love you.

***Note about the love thing***
-ok so maybe I love her like a friend-I haven't really
worked out the whole 'in love' thing yet so work with me
on that one!!!!

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