Thoughts arrive like butterflies
2003-03-25 18:32:49 (UTC)

25.03.03 exam today. 5 hours of....painting! *crieS*
what a nightmare. But, I survived it. Hoorah. My neck hurts
so damn much from sitting in the smae position, looking
down on my work for 5 hours. Better stop complaining
because I have to do it again on Friday. I hope I get my
art finished. adoring fans may be wondering waht's new in the
life of yours truly....well, nothing. Absolutley nothing.
Fuck it, I have no adoring fans-why am I lying? Of course
something exciting and great has happened.....I replaced my
earing with a stud and my spike belly war with a blue

Grr, I hate it when someone says "bye" to you, you
say "bye" back, then they say bye again. How annoying.
Also when I'm on the the phone--this usually happend with
my grandma--I say bye, go to put the phone don and juuuust
an inch away from the reciever she starts talking again.
Flipin' 'eck...