Remember to Breathe
2003-03-25 18:19:35 (UTC)

lucky number seven

Sorry, it's been a while. I had spring break last week and
I haven't had a chance to waste time at the computer. Just
in case you are wondering, I have had a fantastic day thus
far. I found a dollar on the sidewalk and I got an A on my
paper and my test for Comm 102. As for spring break, well,
it was alright I guess. I spent most of my time by myself
in my mom's house in Powers Lake. Justin Loper and Ben
pulled up in my driveway on Thursday, so we proceeded to
hang out til Friday. On Friday, I went to Minot with Loper
and Ben. We had a partying good time. It was wierd,
however, to party with people that I never knew in high
school. Oh well...I did get to kiss Brandon Bailey, so
that was neat-o. I am guessing, and assuming, that
everyday of my summer this year will be a large Minot
filled partay. Yay! Well, I have to find something to
live with this summer, and then I'm off to Comm 103. I'll
try to write tomorrow, and get into more of a daily habit
with this thing. Later

"She thinks she missed the train to Mars, now she's out
back counting stars."