Right Here In My Arms

My Sacrifice
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2003-03-25 16:28:10 (UTC)

ok its been a while`

its been a while so i am gunna write a big one maybe i
dunno see how i go

work has been hectic the wars started and i am pissed off
about it so don't ask

i am poor and i am wanting out cos i am moving into a house
with watty
this is a good thing as the flat is so small for two people
oh well
nothing good on tv either

i have the weekend off so i am gunna have a big one
we are playing poker this weekend and i am gunna win it all

yes and well i am gunna say i am in horrible need of it
again its been ages got to hate that

ok i am gunna ask is anyone got a bungee rope we need to
borrow it

we also need a piano cart so we can use that aswell

we have dwarves living in the flat in no 4 three of them i
believe little short people ha ha

oh yeah nicole will you go out with me

virgo you are the one for me

so thats today and i will be back tomorrow

drug: smashing pumpkins - bullet with butterfly wings
song: dunno its bloody good though