Laura's need to rant and chat
2003-03-25 15:01:12 (UTC)


I am so fucking mad at my fucking bitch from hell of a
lawyer, that bitch hasn't done anything I have asked her to
do. ANd then she makes it like it's my damn fucking fault
that she's so fucking stupid. I have been trying for
months to inable me to get this fucking divorce taken care
of and what does she do... well, NOTHING!!!!!!!!1

I am so ready to be done with her. I hope she does her
fucking job. I have made a plan that when I am done with
her, that I will call the bar assoc and find out how to put
a complaint in on her ass.

I am so sick of this shit. I still don't have a fucking
schedule from work and our new work week starts on
Thursday, and I am so ready to just.... SCREAM BLOODY

Well, I really need to walk, but I feel like shit... I have
the start of a cold. GRRRR

Well, off to sleep or walk, haven't made up my mind yet...


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