Inside A Mind Full Of Imagination
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2003-03-25 15:00:08 (UTC)


Today, I met up with an old friend from school who goes in
the same Uni as I do. She's a year younger than me and the
same nationality as me. We had a long chat about stuff, and
the longest we talked about was... relationships with guys.
Well, she was crushing (a little lower than liking) on a
guy and I told her to just go for it and talk to him. But
she wouldn't and all through about an hour or something, we
talked about her and why she was afraid of rejection. Easy
enough to understand that she was afraid of getting
rejected because the last guy that she'd told her feelings
for had totally flunked her. I felt sorry for her and that
was last year.
Anyway, y'all probably wondering why I'm talking about
this. Well, this talk about stuff that concerns emotions
(fear of rejection/commitment...)actually sorta turned out
in a therapy session, with me being the one giving the
advice and letting her see and face up to reality. By the
end of our conversation, she was actually seriusly thinking
about what I told her (for confidentiality, I will not say
what I told her... much).
This made me see how much I've changed emotionally,
reflecting on my own experiences in the past. And it's like
the second time I've down it. I don't know why I'm talking
about this, but I just felt like saying I'm so connected to
people's emotion that I can actually give out good advices
and help people in some ways. I know I've only done it
twice, but... I'm just beginning to accept now that I can
actually make some - and I mean, SOME, difference in a few
people's lives. It actually feels kindda... good.
Well, all this actually add up to my "weird emotional
senses". Ever heard of Empath? Yes, the word actually
derives from empathy. Well, I kindda call myself an Empath
because... you see, I can sense people's feelings. I can do
it at will and sometimes I can't. Ever since I can remember
(which actually means when we came in Australia), I've
gotten interested in things connected to love. I'm pretty
sentimental - rephrase that - I'm really sentimental. I've
liked the idea of romance and all. And then... I don't
know. I just suddenly have this weird "sense" for emotions.
I don't know how it began or how I got it, but when I found
that I could, I sometimes use it to my advantage to give
pretty good advice to people. I think. The only problem
with this is... if I'm trying to sense someone's (whom I
like) feelings, I can't do it. I can't sense them.
Okay, I think I've ranted on without direction which means
I should get to bed 'cause I'm tired now. So my brain must
already be going to sleep right about now...

Karrie Lagura