My Little World
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2003-03-25 11:25:50 (UTC)


Hey everyone! It is 6:24 in the morning on tuesday! I
hope this day gets over quick cus i have some important
things to do! i have to meet with Mary Lincon about working
at Houlton Farms Dairy!!!! So i think i have a summer Job!
Fun Fun!!!! Then i am getting my dress tonight! i am sooo
pumped about that becuase it is absolutly gorgouse(dont
know how to spell) And then allen is coming over
tomorrow! YEAH! I MISS HIM SOOO MUCH! well, i gatta go get
ready for school! not fun, i really dont feel good, but
that's ok! Lauren, if i pass out today in gym, dont be
alarmed. i am just really dizzy and sore and tired from
track yesterday! haha! See ya all later!