Randi Lynn

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2003-03-25 10:58:57 (UTC)

I wanna burn something. Maybe..

I wanna burn something. Maybe me, maybe the school, maybe
the family fitness center, maybe my mom, maybe the house, or
maybe all of the previous discluding me, bucause if i burn
something, itll be to the ground. No point in getting rid of
my miseries if im not here to enjoy them being gone. I need
a day off from school. As if ill ever get it...-6:03 AM

...Thats funny. I still have a want to BURN. Acvtualyl i cant quite
restrain myself from syaing "burn" and i said it so much during math
class that Kristi decided that she has to burn something when she gets
home; or at least light a match. I also kept muttering things like
"kill" "violence" "death" "kill all creatures" "must burn" and things
like that, and i had somewhat of an evil laugh with ti to, i must be
going nuts? i REALLY WANT to Kill, burn,
destory..must...now...rrr...-2:41 PM

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